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Tribute to Raymond Ackerman (1931 - 2023)

08 September 2023
Inyathelo notes with sadness the passing of retail entrepreneur and philanthropist, the late Raymond Ackerman, who with his wife Wendy made a vital contribution to business and philanthropy in South Africa. The couple founded Pick n Pay in 1967 and grew an enterprise with more than 2 000 stores across South Africa and other African countries. Photo: Raymond and Wendy Ackerman and family members accept the Inyathelo Award for Family Philanthropy. The Raymond Ackerman Foundation was on...

Navigating non-profits through tough times: Back to fundraising fundamentals

24 August 2023
The tough economic environment and shifting spending priorities have led to most corporate, individual donors, and foundations reassessing their financial commitments. Many are cutting back on funding to nonprofit organisations (NPOs), while some are guiding and investing in more longer term sustainable practices, for their existing cohort of grantees. NPOs accordingly find themselves at a critical juncture, which makes it crucial to revisit the core principles of fundraising and the factors...

NPO Working Group: Communiqué 20

14 August 2023
This communique aims to provide an update and details on the following topics. For a more detailed account please see Communique 20 (pdf link). General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill (GILAB 2023) DSD’s “Dear NPO, Comply or be De-registered” Campaign. The Next Presidential Social Sector Summit The NPO Policy Framework The FATF Sectoral Risk Assessment Survey Between April 2019 and June 2021, South Africa underwent a peer review, conducted by the Financial Action...

The Power Of Collaboration: Why Involving The Full Team Matters In NPO Fundraising

27 June 2023
Nonprofit organisations (NPOs) play a pivotal role in addressing societal challenges, and it’s a given that raising sufficient funds is critical if they are to achieve their missions.  Many strategies are employed to secure donor support. For example, it is essential that the NPO initially puts good governance systems in place, and there should be a process of prospect research and cultivation before approaching a potential donor  for funding. In due course, such groundwork culmina...

Eusebius McKaiser: A tribute from Inyathelo

31 May 2023
Eusebius McKaiser, a renowned South African broadcaster, author and political commentator, is remembered by Inyathelo for his significant contribution to public discourse and social commentary. His insightful and thought-provoking work has helped shape important conversations about South Africa. Eusebius passed away on 30 May at the age of 45 years. As a radio host, McKaiser tackled contentious and complex issues, inviting guests from various backgrounds to engage in robust debates. His abi...

In memoriam: Ben Rabinowitz 

12 May 2023
Inyathelo and its associates remember, with affection and gratitude, Cape Town-based entrepreneur and philanthropist, the late Ben Rabinowitz. Mr Rabinowitz and his late wife Shirley supported numerous organisations, projects and causes for over 50 years, spanning  education, health, justice, the environment, sport and music. The Rabinowitz couple described themselves as neither rich nor poor, but having  enough to meet their needs, and were known to seldom turn anyone away when t...

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