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Eusebius McKaiser: A tribute from Inyathelo

eusebiusEusebius McKaiser, a renowned South African broadcaster, author and political commentator, is remembered by Inyathelo for his significant contribution to public discourse and social commentary. His insightful and thought-provoking work has helped shape important conversations about South Africa.

Eusebius passed away on 30 May at the age of 45 years.

As a radio host, McKaiser tackled contentious and complex issues, inviting guests from various backgrounds to engage in robust debates. His ability to navigate sensitive topics with empathy, intellect and fairness made him a respected and trusted voice. His commitment to fostering dialogue and encouraging critical thinking made him a champion of free speech and democratic ideals.

Given these qualities, Eusebius was the ideal person to act as master of ceremonies at several Inyathelo leadership retreats funded by The Kresge Foundation.

Beyond his media presence and writing, McKaiser was active in public forums, contributing his insights and analysis to national conversations on topics ranging from politics and social justice to gender. He had the ability to bridge divides and foster understanding among disparate viewpoints.

May we honour his legacy by continuing open and meaningful dialogue in our workplaces, families and broader communities.

Pic source: @Eusebius/Twitter


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