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Gauteng’s 12-year-old Hero - 13 Dec 2012 - LeadSA

Gauteng’s Lead SA Hero for December is 12-year-old Jordan van der Walt of St John’s Preparatory School.

Jordan has single-handedly demonstrated that even thare very young can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

Moved by a documentary about 3 million South African children that go to school hungry each day Jordan started the Just One Bag campaign, where he asked his schoolmates to bring one bag of maize meal to school .

Learners at the school traditionally collected Easter eggs around the Easter break, but young Jordan asked his principal if they could rather collect maize meal because “I just thought that kids might prefer something more nutritious so that when they went home, they wouldn’t get hungry.”

The campaign has collected over 100 tons of maize meal, feeding over one million children. Over 50 schools have joined the campaign and more than 50 000 children have brought a bag of maize meal to school.

You can read Jordan’s article in The Star here:

Recently, Jordan received the 2012 Inyathelo Award for Children in Philanthropy. You can see that video here:

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