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Inyathelo Philanthropy Awards: call for nominations - 18 Apr 2011 - Media Update

Inyathelo Philanthropy Awards: call for nominations
“We have seen the potential of the mass – and social media to mobilise people behind a cause,” said Gaby Ritchie, Inyathelo Programme Director. “We encourage journalists and media companies to nominate their peers who have gone beyond the call of duty to initiate campaigns or to tell the stories of those who are working to support our civil society, and build our nation,” she added.

The Inyathelo Philanthropy Awards were established in 2007 to acknowledge, celebrate and profile the full spectrum of diversity in South African philanthropic giving.

Inyathelo recognises the power of the media to generate public awareness of, energy around, and momentum for, increased philanthropic giving in South Africa. The Award for Support of Philanthropy in the Media in one of the eight categories that are now open to receive nominations.

The 2010 winners in the media category were George Fatseas-Mazarakis and Karolina Andropoulos, for conceptualising and energising the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust, which has mobilised corporate and private South Africa to donate in the region of R74-million in funding and gifts-in-kind to support the paediatric sections of state academic hospitals around South Africa.

Featured regularly on the Carte Blanche Sunday evening programme, this campaign was applauded as a prime example of the power of the media to mobilise philanthropic money and to highlight the beneficial results of strategic philanthropy.

Anyone can nominate their media philanthropy champion. For full details on the Awards and nomination process, go to Nominations close on the 30th June 2011. Inyathelo believes that by highlighting the achievements of the Awardees and showcasing innovation and best practice in philanthropy, others will be inspired and encouraged to make their own contribution.

Other awards categories include Philanthropy in the Arts, Youth in Philanthropy, Family Philanthropy, Community Philanthropy, Lifetime Philanthropy, International Philanthropy to South Africa and Philanthropy in Health.