Inyathelo in the Headlines

Afeefah Patel, 9, named youngest ever Lead SA Hero of the Month - 31 March - Lenasia Times

Tiny Afeefah Patel, 9, of Ormonde in Johannesburg continues to garner accolades for her rhino conservation efforts. Afeefah was named Hero of the Month in a Lead SA project on the radio station 702, and has now set her targets on taking President Jacob Zuma to the Kruger Park to see firsthand how serious the rhino poaching crisis is in South Africa.

Patel first hit the headlines after she got a response to a letter she wrote to President Zuma in 2011 calling on him to help stop the slaughter of the rhinos for their horns, considered to be an aphrodisiac in the Far East. Zuma lauded her concern. This led to Afeefah becoming the youngest winner ever of SANParks's Corporate Contribution to Conservation Award: Individual category at the 8th annual Kudu Awards.

In November last year, she became South Africa's youngest recipient of the prestigious Inyathelo Philanthropy award award from the South African Institute for Advancement in Cape Town. Afeefah's refrain has become "Enough is enough!" as she travels to schools and community events to give short messages on the importance of saving the rhino.

"I tell people that they have to look after our rhinos otherwise there won't be a big five anymore. I also want to take President Zuma to see what is happening to our rhinos and to tell him that enough is enough!" Older sister Aaminah congratulates Afeefah Patel on her awards.