Inyathelo in the Headlines

Eight-year-old Inyathelo Philanthropy Award recipient leads the pack to fight rhino poaching.

Afeefah Patel - the youngest recipient of the Inyathelo Philanthropy Award - took to the streets of Soshanguve at the weekend, brandishing placards and calling on residents to join forces to save the rhino.

She was amongst youngsters from the Hope Warriors Children Centre in Soshanguve and Rhino SA Champions.

She is also the youngest person to be awarded the prestigious SANParks Kudu Award for her work to protect rhinos from poachers.

In early 2013, Afeefah wrote a letter to The Times newspaper asking President Zuma to "look after the rhinos".

Her letter prompted a response from President Zuma and gave impetus to a national anti-poaching campaign to protect South Africa's dwindling population of rhinos.

The idea to take the rhino fight to the townships was planned when Patrick Mashanda - another recipient of the Inyathelo award was so moved by Afeefah's speech on the rhino's struggle that he decided to join in and do his part by informing the children in his centre as well as their community.

"During the march it was shocking that even parents were ignorant of what is going on around them. I'm glad the march helped to inform them," said Mashanda.

Afeefah was accompanied by her mother, Saajida Patel, who said she was proud of both her daughters' passion for animals and wildlife conservation. It was great that her daughter had become an activist at a young age because the problem was getting worse.

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