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FREE Download: Budgeting for Sustainability. By Shelagh Gastrow.

Budgeting for Sustainability, by Shelagh Gastrow, is the latest offering from the ASK Inyathelo Pocket Guide Series. It’s full of authoritative, yet digestible, bits of advice on what donors like to see, and perhaps more importantly, what donors don’t like to see in a budget proposal.  It also discusses what to do when donors won't cover core cost, and gives ideas on developing new income streams for your organization.


Twitter Q&A from "Get Resourceful" session on Financial Management!

Inyathelo's "Get Resourceful" session on Financial Management! featured a live Q&A session via Twitter (#GetResourceful) to make our experts available to people who were not able to attend the session.  


"Get Resourceful" session on Financial Management!

May’s #GetResourceful session focused specifically on budgeting for Advancement and building an endowment. Thirty-five attendees from Cape Town’s NPO community gathered at the Inyathelo Resource Centre in Woodstock, many of whom were financial managers of non-profits. Inyathelo's Executive Director Shelagh Gastrow and Programme Director Gaby Ritchie were our experts for this session.


Inyathelo Philanthropy Awardees Join Forces to Fight Rhino Poaching

Inyathelo Philanthropy Awardees Join Forces to Fight Rhino Poaching

As the nominations for the 2014 Inyathelo Philanthropy Awards come in, perhaps now is a good time to reflect on the opportunities they present to the awardees and to South African civil society.


Live Twitter Q&A from "Get Resourceful: Governance Structures and Practices!"

Live Twitter Q&A from

Inyathelo's Get Resourceful Session on Governance Structures and Practices! featured a live Q&A session via Twitter (#GetResourceful) to make our Governance experts available to people who were not able to attend the session. Two threads quickly stood out in the Q&A: the Code of Governance and the role of a governing board. The resulting conversation produced a useful FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on NPO governance in South Africa. Edited highlights are transcribed below.


Inyathelo Resources on Financial Management for NPOs

Every month (from April to December), Inyathelo will highlight one of the Ten Elements of Advancement.  On tap for May is Financial Management!



Invitation: "Get Resourceful" on Financial Management


You are invited to join our monthly get-togethers in the Inyathelo Resource Centre where we share resources, experience and expertise on the Ten Elements of Advancement.


Getting Resourceful on Governance Structures and Practices!

On Tuesday 15 April, Inyathelo hosted the first of its free monthly "Get Resourceful" sessions at the Inyathelo Resource Centre in Woodstock. This month’s topic, “Governance Structures and Practices!”


Inyathelo Advancement Academy - 22 and 23 July 2014

Inyathelo: The South African Institute for Advancement invites all new and seasoned practitioners working in the non-profit sector as well as those in higher education institutions for two days of Advancement and fundraising learning. The content will be aimed at growing capacity and fine-tuning knowledge to attract resources.


Inyathelo's resources on non-profit governance

During this election season it seems that governance is in the news, albeit in the context of government corruption and mismanagement. Sadly, the reputations of non-profit organisations often ride the coattails of the governmental sector in these negative public perceptions.

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