2014 Inyathelo Leadership Symposium: Blind Spots and Bright Lights

Central to Inyathelo’s work is building and sharing new local knowledge through top-quality research publications. Our latest report focusses on the learnings from the 2014 Inyathelo Leadership Symposium which was undertaken in partnership with the Private Philanthropy Circle, a network of local and international philanthropic foundations that make grants in South Africa.  All of Inyathelo’s research reports are available for free download. 

Download: 2014 Inyathelo Leadership Symposium: Blind Spots and Bright Lights.

As part of the Kresge Inyathelo Advancement Initiative (KIAI), we have organised annual opportunities for university vice-chancellors to engage with the broad concept of Advancement, beyond the basic concern of raising money for their institutions. In November 2014, we arranged for South African Vice chancellors to participate in a dialogue with local and international foundations that have a presence in South Africa. This report is a reflection on the discussions at this conference and it reveals where there is potential for universities to work with philanthropic foundations and where the fault lines may exist.