Accolades and well wishes for Shelagh Gastrow

Tributes pour in for Shelagh Gastrow who recently announced her resignation as Inyathelo's Executive Director.  As evidenced by the quantity and calibre of the testimonials below, Shelagh has made an invaluable contribution to South African civil society, higher education and the growth of philanthropy. We wish her all the very best with her new venture.

Shelagh Gastrow: Executive Director, Inyathelo

Congratulations on all you have achieved in making Inyathelo the credible organisation it is. Congratulations too on making the decision to step aside for the sake of the organisation to grow and develop further under new leadership – that is not always an easy decision as the founder. All the very best with your new venture.  Gavin MacGregor, Director of Umthombo Youth Development Foundation

Best wishes for an exciting future. I know you are going to continue to make an intense impact in the field that I, too, am passionate about. I am grateful for and feel privileged to have had access to you and your kindness and advice. – Amanda Frost - Director of Funding, Plettaid

Your new venture sounds really exciting and I wish you the best of luck. I hope our paths will continue to cross. Thank you for your help over the years. I have always enjoyed, and benefitted greatly, from your advice and insights. - Kerry Cullinan, Managing Editor Health-e News Service

You have done amazing work and you are a leader in the sector. I wish you all the best for another sparkling venture. Tina Thiart, Director Clovelly Country Club

Congratulations on all that you have achieved with Inyathelo, and very best wishes for GastrowBloch Philanthropies. I have no doubt that it will be a great success, and will certainly keep my eyes and ears open for any opportunities. - Anthony Galloway, Founding Chairman LEAP Science and Maths Schools

Your achievement is phenomenal and you have been an inspiration to me for many, many years. – Laurence Esteve, Zip Zap Circus

Thank you for all you do for South Africa and I wish you well in this wonderful and challenging future choice. – Mea Lashbrooke, Princess Vlei Forum

The guiding role you have played in a field badly in need of anchorage has been of immense value and your legacy will no doubt live on, but we are going to miss your courage and competency terribly. Thank you for your dedication and inspiration and all the very best for whatever you are going to be tackling now. – Noel N de Villiers, Founder and Chairman of Open Africa.

All I can wish you in your upcoming venture is all of the success that has followed you everywhere you have gone including your exceptional accomplishments at Inyathelo.  Prof Ihron Rensburg, Vice Chancellor and Principal of the University of Johannesburg

As a founding director of Inyathelo, I'm very proud of what you've been able to achieve in a relatively short period of time. This has been due to your incredible leadership, focus and determination. In wishing you success in your next move, I have no doubt that you'll make a success of it. – Sipho Pityana, former Trustee of Inyathelo and Executive Chairperson at Izingwe Capital

Many in the non-profit sector have been encouraged and supported by Shelagh’s work and approach to Philanthropy. I wish her strength and fruitfulness in whatever she undertakes in future. – Ian Bruce, Formerly CEO of New Africa Theatre Association

You can rest assured that you are leaving a great legacy in Inyathelo. I do hope it grows from strength to strength as a testimony to your investment. I have always enjoyed your spirited engagement with the burning issues in the NPO and funding spaces, and I’m sure we’ll see more of it in future! – Michelle Matthews, Trialogue

We needed you yesterday, need you today, and will need you even tomorrow. I will continue to give you all support you may need from me. – Chris Mkhize, UThungulu Community Foundation

You have done such a superb job that will stand the test of time. Our country needed this work done and you delivered in the most gracious, professional manner that we know you for. I wish you well moving forward and do hope that we can work together again in your new venture. – Kim Feinberg, The Tomorrow Trust

Wishing you everything of the best in your new venture. You have achieved amazing things whilst leading Inyathelo. It must be hard to leave but there are such exciting times ahead. – Anna Vayanos

I wish you every success in your new venture and thank you most sincerely for the excellent work you have done and the leadership you have shown. We, at CARTE BLANCHE have all benefitted from your hard work and will always hold you in high esteem. – George Mazarakis, Executive Producer, Carte Blanche

You have achieved quite extraordinary things. I wish you equal success in your new phase. I’m very glad this is not good-bye – not yet a farewell from Inyathelo and I hope not any terminal parting of ways. –  Professor Ian Scott, University of Cape Town

How can one acknowledge and appreciate what you have done for NGOs & South Africa and individuals like me. I have so enjoyed and appreciate our critical contact and hope this will continue. – Glenda Glover, REAP

I commend, congratulate and thank you for the years of wonderful work you have done over the years and for your commitment to Civil Society. It has been an honour being part of the Inyathelo family since 2010. Thank you for the many hours of personal and organisational advice. I wish your successor all the best too as she has very big shoes to fill! -– Refiloe Seseane, Founder 18twenty8

You have left a legacy. It has been a privilege working with you. Notwithstanding our different interpretation of accountability, you have certainly taught me a lot and I have always appreciated your candour and absolute commitment to what you do. All the best and I am sure the new adventure will be just as successful. – Professor Owen Skae, Director Rhodes Business School

This is a great loss to the sector but a huge gain for the growing philanthropy sector in South Africa. My personal best wishes to Shelagh and may the wind always be at her back. – Phiroshaw Camay, Director Co-operative for Research and Education (CORE)

I really do hope this becomes the sort of success that Inyathelo is – you can feel well satisfied that you are leaving your ‘baby’ in such a sound and healthy condition.  I hope the link between Rhodes and it goes from strength to strength. – Guy White, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Rhodes University

You can certainly leave Inyathelo with a sense of a job well done! Please accept my personal and professional thanks to you for all the assistance that you and the organisation have given to me and the Holocaust Centre over the years. – Richard Freedman, Director South African Holocaust & Genocide Foundation

You are leaving a great Legacy for all who step into your shoes, but also for Civil Society and the Communities served. The new Inyathelo Civil Society Hub is a much needed resource and true to Inyathelo, an Innovative Vision - so pleased it came into being on your "watch". – Amelia Jones, former CEO of Community Chest

Congratulations on an EXCELLENT record at the helm of Inyathelo; you've truly built an organisation that already has had great impact, and which remains in a sustainable position to take that legacy forward. Your new venture is a much needed service offering in our country, and sounds very exciting. – Eusebius McKaiser, political analyst, broadcaster, debate and public speaking coach, philosophy lecturer and author

We really appreciate the support you and Inyathelo gave given to SAEP over the years in so many ways, directly and indirectly. I am looking forward to visiting your new office space which sounds most exciting. We wish you all the best in this new venture and hope that our paths will continue to cross from time to time. – Jane Keen, Director South African Education and Environment Project

Congratulations on all the wonderful work you have done and the amazing organisation that you have created. All the best with your new venture. – Prof Diane Grayson, Director Institutional Audits Council on Higher Education

Congratulations on your amazing impact in your field! You and your colleagues are a leading light in philanthropy and social development. I wish you the best of success in your ventures further. – Mokena Makeka, Adjunct Professor, GSAPP, Columbia University New York

Congratulations on the new venture. Given what you have already achieved at Inyathelo, your consultancy will fly. I am sure you will receive lots of this, but I just wanted to thank you for what you did in setting up Inyathelo. You changed the face of NPOs, grantmaking and philanthropy here. You raised the sector to a more professional level through the support you offered, but crucially through the example you set in building Inyathelo. You set the bar and then helped others reach it, or set out to reach it as well. I really do think this new (better) wave of NPOS (and philanthropists) that we are seeing, comes down to the leadership you have given us all in the sector. So, thank you. – Dylan Wray, Director Shikaya