FREE Download: Budgeting for Sustainability. By Shelagh Gastrow.

Budgeting for Sustainability, by Shelagh Gastrow, is the latest offering from the ASK Inyathelo Pocket Guide Series. It’s full of authoritative, yet digestible, bits of advice on what donors like to see, and perhaps more importantly, what donors don’t like to see in a budget proposal.  It also discusses what to do when donors won't cover core cost, and gives ideas on developing new income streams for your organization.

Some organisations claim they have significant funding for their programmes and projects, but yet they have to retrench staff or move to smaller offices because they have not raised money for those basics that enable an organisation to run efficiently.

Unfortunately covering core costs is particularly challenging in funding environment that is increasingly hostile to general purposes funding. 

Yet the hard fact is, every project needs to cover its fair share of staff, rents, communications, maintenance, and administration. Leaving these costs out of a project budget means that either an organisation or another donor has to subsidise the core expenses incurred by a project.

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