Free Inyathelo Publications

Inyathelo offers a range of free publications and downloads related to Advancement, fundraising, non-profit management and much more.

Building and sharing knowledge around Advancement is part of our core work. As such, we offer free of charge, top-quality research reports and other publications on topics of interest to Advancement practitioners, particularly those from South Africa.

Our Pocket Guide Series on Advancement offers compact and quotable advice around some of the more vexing topics relating to management, structure, and sustainability of an organisation. Published to date:

- Budgeting for Sustainability. (2014)
- Leadership for Advancement. (2013)
- Roles and Responsibilities in an Advancement Operation. (2014)

In addition, two more books will be released in the Pocket Guide Series this coming year.

Our Research Reports include reports on National Lotteries funding practice, non-profit governance, support for LGBTI issues in the South African workplace, and access and success rates in South African tertiary education. Inyathelo is currently researching the size and scope of private philanthropy in South Africa and broader funding streams into civil society.

If you are looking for inspiration and motivation, 100 Thoughts on Philanthropy is a portable collection of quotes on giving from the likes of Confucius, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Anne Frank, Albert Camus, Dr Seuss and many more...

You can find these publications and reports by visiting the Inyathelo Online Shop and clicking on free downloads.

In addition, the ASK Inyathelo website offers a wide range of resources and tools related to the Ten Building Blocks for Advancement (leadership; governance; strategy; planning; financial management; fundraising; human capacity; building relationships; monitoring and evaluation; voice and visibility).