Inyathelo's publications available as free downloads

Central to Inyathelo’s work is the development, documentation and dissemination of local knowledge and information in all areas of our work. Most of our resources and publications are freely available on our website.

Inyathelo's publications available as free downloads

Some of the highlights include:

Research Reports

Our research has covered areas such as higher education Advancement practices in Africa, access and success rates in tertiary education, and funding frameworks and approaches in South Africa.

Pocket Guide Series on Advancement

Budgeting for Sustainability, (2014). Leadership for Advancement, (2014). Roles and Responsibilities in an Advancement Operation, (2014). Proposal Writing (2015), Understanding the Donor World, (2015).

Meeting their Mandates? Summary

A research study to inform future activities and campaigns which promote more effective relationships between the National Lotteries Board and the National Development Agency, and the civil society sector. 

100 and more Thoughts on Fundraising in the Private Market

A delightful, insightful and motivating read for anyone involved in raising funds from the private sector.

100 Thoughts on Philanthropy

Capturing thoughts on giving from icons such as Confucius, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Anne Frank, Albert Camus, Dr Seuss and many more.

100 Thoughts on Advancement

Key tips, pointers and quotes about Advancement thinking, approaches and practices.


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