Vision, mission and values

Our vision

Ethical, inclusive, robust, and sustainable public interest organisations working to increase social justice and eliminate poverty and inequality supported by a strong philanthropic movement.

Our mission 

- Inyathelo is committed to the establishment of a strong democracy and stable civil society in South Africa and the African continent. We work with non-profit organisations, education institutions, philanthropists, corporates, governments, and international agencies and play a key role in advocating for social justice and ethical governance.

- We contribute to skills development and research that underpins sustainable organisations in civil society. Inyathelo provides high quality training, and supports collaboration, innovation and professionalism in resource mobilisation, grant seeking and grant management.

- We create enabling environments by providing support services, information sharing and dialogue, encouraging government, corporate and individual giving, thereby growing sustainable philanthropic ventures with lasting impact.

Our values

  • Respect - we believe all people should be treated with respect and we value diversity & being inclusive
  • Informed Risk Taking - we are about ADVANCEMENT, pioneering philanthropy and cultivating personal growth & development
  • Commitment - we are committed, you can count on us
  • Honesty & Integrity - our honesty & integrity makes us trustworthy
  • Fairness - we believe in having a fair and just culture at Inyathelo