FREE WEBINAR: Efficient digital solutions for virtual meetings

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our working lives upside down. Most people are operating virtually now, working and staying connected through online meetings and discussions. For many organisations this has been an ad hoc deployment, with uncertainty about the software and apps that are available, and what new line items should be factored into their budgets.

Inyathelo is accordingly offering the NPO sector a webinar on efficient learning solutions for virtual knowledge sharing.  It will be packed with practical advice on the costs and features of various solutions, and tips on making the most of online meetings and conferencing for a large number of participants.

The webinar will be led by Inyathelo Operations Coordinator Jacques Swart, who has extensive experience in the NPO sector and has built a number of social hubs. Jacques will be ably supported by our Database Officer Bayanda Gumbi, our go-to-guy for all tech and database support and Funding Finder database queries.

This free webinar takes place on Wednesday, 13 May at 10h00.
Please register urgently to secure your virtual place.

Kind regards
Feryal Domingo
Inyathelo Operations Director