Advancement Training and Support

I10elementsnyathelo bases its interventions and offerings on the concept of Advancement. This is a systematic and integrated approach to building and managing external relationships with key constituencies and stakeholders, in order to attract support. There are ten integrated elements of Advancement:

  1. Leadership;
  2. Governance;
  3. Strategy;
  4. Planning;
  5. Financial management;
  6. Fundraising;
  7. Human capacity;
  8. Building relationships;
  9. Monitoring and evaluation; and
  10. Voice and visibility.

Inyathelo offers a range of Advancement skills training,  such as workshops, seminars, one-on-one sessions, bespoke sessions, peer-learning sessions and conferences. These help clients to mobilise resources and keep funds flowing to their organisations.

Advice, resources, mentorship and support are available from Inyathelo via free clinic services. These are offered face-to-face if the non-profit organisation is based in Cape Town, or online. 

askinyatheloIn addition, the ASKInyathelo website offers handy access to articles, materials, guides and tips on Advancement and fundraising. It is a go-to resource portal for many non-profit and other organisations. The topics include webinars and funding opportunities, research, and articles on subjects such as working from home and mental wellness.  This portal is updated regularly, with a monthly letter to Inyathelo stakeholders on current articles.