Civil Society

Civil society organisations make a vital socio-economic contribution to South African society. Many civil society organisations are, however, small in terms of both income and staff numbers. Staff and board members frequently lack the requisite training in governance, in order for the organisation to be legally compliant with South African regulations. There is also a need for training in the multi-faceted skills required for long-term financial stability. Inyathelo accordingly plays a key role in building the Advancement capacity of civil society institutions. At the heart of its offerings is a Civil Society Resource Hub which enables Inyathelo to provide a comprehensive range of services to help ensure the long-term sustainability and independence of this sector. 

Civil Society Resource Hub

Inyathelo is home to a multi-purpose hub and sector sustainability centre, in the suburb of Woodstock, Cape Town. It is believed to be the only such facility in Africa. It was made possible by the Atlantic Philanthropies, and Inyathelo’s own resources, and opened officially in 2015. Read more.

NPO Policy and Legislation

South Africa has numerous inequalities within society and Inyathelo is a core place to convene and advocate on behalf of the nonprofit sector. Read more.