NPO Policy and Governance

We have never had such a concise and clear document that could assist NPO Boards on their responsibilities and that we will use it as the basis to initiate all new board members in the future.
~ Mervyn Abrahams, Director, PACSA

Inyathelo engages in activities that impact on the sustainability and independence of the non-profit and higher education sectors. We often take the lead in civil society initiatives on issues of governance, legislation and policy, providing information, monitoring and support to enable organisations to participate in government, legislative and parliamentary processes. 

Inyathelo is part of numerous networks and partnership projects all aimed at helping ensure that the space within which civil society operates in South Africa remains open, independent and well-supported.

Images from Inyathelo workshops and discussions

Key focus areas include: 

The Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profits in South Africa

Inyathelo was part of the Working Group that drafted the Code after two years of extensive consultation with hundreds of civil society organisations and individuals. The process was initiated following widespread recognition of the need for South African NPOs to adopt their own distinct code that reflected their unique values and needs rather than be regulated by government or corporate sector codes. Visit the Governance South Africa website.

NPO Policy Review Framework

South Africa is currently undergoing a process to overhaul its principal NPO legislation, the NPO Act 71 of 1997. The initial Framework was published in September 2012, and has been amended several times following consultation with some civil society organisations. Inyathelo is monitoring this process and providing information and insights to civil society organisations that want to participate and know more about the proposed legislative changes. More about the NPO Policy Legislation Framework.

The Funding Practice Alliance

This partnership between three non-profit organisations - Social Change Assistance Trust, the Community Development Resource Association and Inyathelo - was established in an attempt to transform the relationship between civil society organisations and funding agencies in South Africa (private, business and state). Activities surrounding the National Lottery have dominated much of the FPA’s work over the past few years. More about the Funding Practice Alliance.