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Celebrating heroes of a civil society sector, estimated at R40-billion

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Over 100 representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and nonprofit organisations (NPOs) gathered at Inyathelo’s Civil Society Hub in Woodstock, Cape Town, to mark World NGO Day on Tuesday 27 February. The universal concept of World NGO Day is to celebrate, commemorate and collaborate. It’s a day to honour the people who contribute to society, inspire people to become more actively involved within the NGO sector, and encourage greater interaction between NGOs and the public and...

Maintain voice and visibility despite diminishing budgets

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South African nonprofit organisations (NPOs) play a major role in providing essential services to under-resourced communities, and advocating for change. However, as many NPOs are cash-strapped, and their staff capacity is stretched, some are considering cutting back their communications initiatives in these tough economic times. This could have unintended consequences, however, warns Inyathelo, an NPO established in 2002 to help other NPOs to build capacity and reserves for long-term sustai...

Civil society 2024 trends

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Contemplating sector trends for 2024, Inyathelo expects greater regulation and more emphasis on transparency, good governance and compliance. Read the article in business-to-business news site BizCommunity here

Philanthropic individuals are major HE donors – Survey

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South African universities received a significant year-on-year increase in philanthropic funding totalling ZAR2.31 billion (about US$122 million) – and the bulk of the funds went to traditional universities, the Annual Survey of Philanthropy in Higher Education (ASPIHE) has revealed.The study, which was commissioned by Inyathelo, the South African Institute for Advancement, and released earlier in November, was based on the 2020 data of 10 universities. It said that if Sector Education and Tr...

The power of preparation: Why nonprofits should embrace investment readiness tools

| Feryal Domingo | Inyathelo in the media
Feryal Domingo, acting Executive Director, Inyathelo In the world of nonprofit organisations (NPOs), funding is the lifeblood that keeps missions alive and initiatives thriving. Securing financial support is a constant challenge, one that demands innovation and adaptability. In this pursuit of sustainability, NPOs must harness every resource available to them, and one that deserves greater attention is an Investment Readiness Tool (IRT). An IRT is designed to help NPOs discover where th...

Nurturing Work Environment

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Inyathelo Operations Director Feryal Domingo was interviewed on Kaya FM on the importance of growing a nurturing work environment.Listen to Feryal’s conversation with Kaya Biz host Gugulethu Mfuphi:

COP26: 5 climate change factors impacting non-profit organisations

| Nazeema Mohammed | Inyathelo in the media
The COP26 global climate summit, which recently took place in Glasgow, Scotland, is a stark reminder that climate change is a reality confronting all humanity. It will usher in major changes affecting our lives and those of future generations. Such developments will impact non-profits (NPOs) and social justice organisations by introducing both new opportunities and new risks. NPOs should inform themselves and plan accordingly. Here are five key factors NGOs need to consider and plan for in ...

Attracting Support For NPOs

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Non-profit organisations (NPOs) have always been the backbone of society, but are under huge pressure to deliver even more services as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. Despite their contributions, however, many NPOs are struggling financially due to diminished funding. It is more important than ever for NPO leaders to nurture relationships with potential donors, to be thoroughly prepared for a meeting with a prospective funder, and to follow up in a professional manner. This is accor...

Inyathelo Salutes South African Citizens and Civil Society Organisations

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This World Humanitarian Day (Thursday 19 August), non-profit organisation Inyathelo reminds us of the achievements of ‘ordinary’ South Africans, and the role of community and civil society organisations.  Events such as the Covid-19 pandemic, and the recent civil unrest and looting in KZN-Natal and Gauteng, have been stark reminders of the resilience and roll-up-you-sleeves attitudes of under-the-radar citizens. In a context of indifference and lawlessness, and underperforming municipa...

Unlocking change in Early Childhood Development

| Nazeema Mohammed | Inyathelo in the media
Indifference is eroding Early Childhood Development gains, but a new social justice unit offers hope. The Unit will prioritise education on rights, communication, direct action, policy work, legal advocacy and litigation, lobbying, consultation, and working with and strengthening existing coalitions. The most vulnerable members of our society, young children, have had their already limited opportunities further eroded by the Covid-19 pandemic and the negligent and short-sighted approach of g...

Local NPO Inyathelo secures R3m Kresge Foundation grant

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Inyathelo, the South African Institute for Advancement, has received a grant of nearly R3,047m ($225,000) from the Kresge Foundation, a private foundation headquartered in Michigan, United States. Inyathelo is a non-profit organisation that works to sustain and strengthen civil society organisations and grow local philanthropy in support of a vibrant democracy in South Africa. This two-year grant from the foundation for core operating expenses caps a successful long-term partnership between ...

#LockdownLessons: This is a wake-up call about inequality

| Sindy Peters & Feryal Domingo | Inyathelo in the media
As part of our #LockdownLessons series, Bizcommunity is reaching out to South Africa's top industry players to share their experience of the current Covid-19 crisis, how their organisations are navigating these unusual times, where the challenges and opportunities lie, and their industry outlook for the near future. We chatted to Feryal Domingo, operations director at Inyathelo, to get her take. What was your initial response to the crisis/lockdown and has your experience of it been differe...

SA universities raise more than R1.5 billion in donations

| Marizka Coetzer | Inyathelo in the media
Corporates contributed 30% of philanthropic income in 2018, compared to 14% in 2013, while individual donors (including bequestors) increased funding from 4% in 2013 to 8% in 2018. South African universities have raised more than a billion rands in philanthropic support, according to the latest Annual Survey of Philanthropy in Higher Education (ASPIHE). The survey, conducted in 2019 and based on data from the 2018 calendar year, indicated that 11 universities raised an impressive R1....

Handy Hints For Hot Desking

| Feryal Domingo | Inyathelo in the media
Prompted by the pandemic, many managers and start-ups have reconsidered office working spaces. Hot desking is one option – allocating seating to staff as required, rather than each worker established at their own desk. How do you assess what space will suit your requirements and company culture? You don’t want to find yourself committed to a lease yet faced with inadequate facilities, noisy co-workers and limitations on working hours.Feryal Domingo, Operations Director of non-profit organisat...

Non-profit leaders face a stark new normal

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There is no easy Covid-19 pivoting for not-for-profit organisations (NPOs), which are facing enormous financial, human resources and technology issues. NPO leaders are being challenged to think boldly and creatively about their financial and human resources, in terms of how we can replenish these so as to emerge from the crater caused by the pandemic. For Inyathelo, this has been a very real issue. We previously utilised our attractive and well-resourced office and conferencing spaces in Woo...

Top tips for non-profit organisations on finding donors and funding!

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Donors give to people they like and trust, and who represent well-managed organisations that inspire confidence! South Africa (22 September 2020) – The COVID-19 pandemic has put the financial livelihoods of many non-profit organisations (NPOs) in jeopardy, making it essential that they have a clear understanding of the potential donors they can reach out to. This is according to Inyathelo, The South African Institute of Advancement, which supports NPOs and tertiary education institutio...


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A digital fundraising campaign is being launched this week to raise funds to cover the cost of data for South African non-profit organisations (NPOs) that are struggling financially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Initiated and led by Inyathelo (The South African Institute for Advancement), the #keepconnecting campaign launches this Thursday 13 August. The funds will be used to buy data vouchers for eligible NPOs.  “The launch of the #keepconnecting campaign s...

Campaign launched to help NPOs raise funds for data, stay connected

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Initiated and led by Inyathelo (The South African Institute for Advancement), the #KeepConnecting campaign was launched on Thursday, 13 August, to help raise funds that will be used to buy data vouchers for eligible non-profit organisations (NPOs). “The launch of the #KeepConnecting campaign seeks to highlight the serious financial and operational challenges experienced by NPOs in the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Inyathelo executive director Nazeema Mohamed.“NPOs provide many vital services, but...

How non-profits can survive Covid-19

| Shelagh Gastrow, Cathy Duff, Soraya Joonas | Inyathelo in the media
Business Day TV’s Michael Avery talks to a panel about how NPOs are coping with resource constraints. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES/ ESA ALEXANDER   There are more than 220,000 nonprofit organisations (NPOs) registered with the department of social development in SA and now more than ever, during this time of crisis, the important role of these mission-driven organisations becomes evident. How are NPOs coping with the resource constraints imposed by the pandemic, and how ...

Implementing advancement principles for long-term NPO sustainability

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According to NPO Inyathelo, many non-profit organisations (NPOs) have been so busy dealing with immediate humanitarian needs during the Covid-19 pandemic, that they could - understandably - lose sight of some of the basic rules that will ensure their long-term sustainability. Inyathelo teaches an integrated approach, known as advancement, to engage the external environment and position an organisation to attract support.“If you are to provide long-term assistance for society, and employment ...

Co-operating with NPOs the key to reaching communities in need

| Nazeema Mohamed | Inyathelo in the media
  The article was first published on weekend Argus newspaper (30 May 2020).  

Taking steps to support NPO financial literacy

| Reza Amra, Ridhwaan Khan, Soraya Joonas | Inyathelo in the media
There are around 230 000 registered not for profit organisation (NPOs) in South Africa, and the numbers are growing rapidly. This is driven by several factors including a desire to provide social services to under-resourced communities, and also to drive social justice and hold the state to account in delivering the promises of the Constitution. The Civil Society in South Africa study in 2017, an initiative of the Funding Practice Alliance, and funded by the National Lotteries Commission, re...

How to host a webinar like a pro

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NPO Inyathelo recently held a free webinar on cost-effective and efficient webinar solutions. The organisation has provided tips not only for other NPOs, but also for other organisations considering hosting a webinar, while keeping costs down. “Inyathelo staff began working remotely on 18 March – it was as new to us as it was for many,” say operations director Feryal Domingo and operations coordinator Jacques Swart. They presented the webinar, backed up by database officer Bayanda Gumbi. “We...

Leading NPOs in lockdown

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Most nonprofit organisations (NPOs) deal daily with challenges such as tight budgets, over-stretched staff, and limited capacity. The lockdown, however, has added a whole new dimension to how an NPO delivers its much-needed services. Ensuring that staff feel supported and up-to-date on what is happening in the organisation, as well as being informed about news regarding clients and funders, is vital. Click here to read the full article:

Effective humanitarian response to Covid 19 requires better strategy, coordination and transparency with civil society organisations

| Nazeema Mohamed & Thomas Winslow | Inyathelo in the media
What has been most impressive about President Cyril Ramaphosa’s response to the Covid 19 crisis is not only the speed with which he outlined government’s approach, but the attention to the economic and social impact on the country’s poor and most vulnerable. Unlike other world leaders responding to the pandemic, President Ramaphosa has focused with admirable precision on providing life-saving financial support for small and medium enterprises, strengthening social support mechanisms for poor ...

Desperately seeking the Social Sector Summit

| Nazeema Mohamed | Inyathelo in the media
Government appears to be steaming ahead with a Social Sector Summit, bringing together NGOs and CBOs later this month in Johannesburg. There’s just one problem: none of the major organisations active in the sector have been invited. President Cyril Ramaphosa, in his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on 16 February 2018, said: “In recognising the critical role that non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community-based organisations (CBOs) play in tackling poverty, inequality and related ...

NGOs today: Competing for resources, power and agency

| Kentse Radebe & Ncedisa Nkonyeni | Inyathelo in the media
From the Treatment Action Campaign’s advocacy campaign which led to the roll-out of antiretroviral medication to the gains in making quality education a priority by Equal Education; nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) have played an important role in advocating for equality and social justice in South Africa. But this week, on World NGO Day, one of the most pressing questions facing NGOs in South Africa is whether they are making a sustainable impact. There are an estima...

Inyathelo supports NPO financial literacy in Cape Town

| Viwe Tyolwana | Inyathelo in the media
Accounting and tax terms, registration and processes can be confusing for many non-profit organisations (NPOs) – yet being informed and up to date can make the difference between a healthy organisation and one that is struggling to survive. To address this need, Inyathelo (The South African Institute for Advancement) regularly holds a popular financial reporting and tax workshop, and complementary advisory sessions, to develop understanding of financial and donor reporting, audits and taxes....

Good NPO governance - how committed board members are key

| Inyathelo | Inyathelo in the media
The board is ultimately responsible for the governance of an NPO and can contribute to its success or failure. Unaware of this, many South African non-profit organisations (NPOs) do not pay sufficient attention to recruiting and nurturing their board members, according to Inyathelo, The South African Institute for Advancement. “New NPOs are constantly being registered, set up with the best of intentions to help those who are in need,” says Inyathelo operations director Feryal Domingo. “Our e...

NPO sector masters good management at #ThinkGood

| Mpofu Sthandile | Inyathelo in the media
About 280 representatives of non-profit organisations (NPOs) and civil society bodies attended a free one-day gathering in Cape Town this week to share learnings on optimal NPO management practices. Known as #ThinkGood, the annual event was coordinated by CMDS, financial management consultants to the NPO sector, on behalf of the NPO Service Providers Network. It took place at the Civil Society Sustainability Centre in Woodstock, which is owned by Inyathelo, The South African Institute for Ad...

Museum professionals sharpen their skills with Inyathelo

| Viwe Tyolwana | Inyathelo in the media
To help museum professionals sharpen their proposal development skills, the South African Museums Association (SAMA) held a training workshop presented by Inyathelo, The South African Institute for Advancement, on 20 August. The topic was ‘Building support for your organisation’ and the workshop took place at the Inyathelo conference venue at its Woodstock headquarters, Cape Town. SAMA is a national association of museums with regional branches across the country. It has been serving members...

How can disadvantaged universities attract more funding?

| Nazeema Mohamed | Inyathelo in the media
It is five years since Inyathelo, with the support of the Kresge Foundation (a primarily domestic American foundation), first asked Dr Sean Jones of EduActive Solutions to conduct the Annual Survey of Philanthropy in Higher Education (ASPIHE). This series of research reports was the first in South Africa to document philanthropic funding of higher education institutions. It aimed to establish a baseline on philanthropic support to South African universities and it was also hoped that it woul...

Education donor inequality

| Cape Times Staff Writer | Inyathelo in the media
THE Annual Survey of Philanthropy in Higher Education has shown that former privileged and tradition ally research intensive universities benefited significantly more than historically disadvantaged universities when it came to receiving donations. The survey showed that philan thropists gave more than R1.7billion to 11 local universities in 2017, with only 4% of the money going to histor ically disadvantaged universities. Eleven universities took part in the survey, conducted by Inyath...

SA donors give more to universities

| Sisonke Mlamla | Inyathelo in the media
SOUTH African trusts, foundations, corporations and individuals are donating more to local universities but the vast majority of funding is still being channelled to so called tra ditional higher education institutions. According to the latest 2018 Annual Survey of Philanthropy in Higher Education Aspihe , conducted under the auspices of Inyathelo, the South African Institute for Advancement, revealed that philanthropists gave over R1.7 billion to 11 local universities in 2017. However, Sean...

Philanthropists Give Over R1.7 billion To 11 Local Universities – But Research Reveals Severely Skewed Distribution

| CSRNewsSA | Inyathelo in the media
Many South Africans and South African organisations are giving significantly more philanthropic funding to local universities. However, the vast majority of funding goes to more traditional, research-intensive, historically advantaged universities (HAIs). The challenge is to better understand this discrepancy, and to address how historically disadvantaged universities (HDIs) can attract more funding. These are key findings from the latest (2018) Annual Survey of Philanthropy in Higher Educat...

Donors open their wallets for student funding

| TimesLive | Inyathelo in the media
Philanthropists are increasing their donations to SA universities, with nearly five out of 10 specifying the money be spent on student funding. This is according to the latest "Annual Survey of Philanthropy in Higher Education", which reveals that philanthropists gave more than R1.7bn to 11 local universities in 2017. After student funding (49%), the distribution of funds received by purpose was 23% for research, 8% each for "teaching and learning" and "community engagement", and small prop...

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