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A digital fundraising campaign is being launched this week to raise funds to cover the cost of data for South African non-profit organisations (NPOs) that are struggling financially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initiated and led by Inyathelo (The South African Institute for Advancement), the #keepconnecting campaign launches this Thursday 13 August. The funds will be used to buy data vouchers for eligible NPOs.

 “The launch of the #keepconnecting campaign seeks to highlight the serious financial and operational challenges experienced by NPOs in the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Inyathelo Executive Director Nazeema Mohamed. 

“NPOs provide many vital services, but these are at risk.  Funds they used to receive are being redirected, or simply lost because of financial constraints. The long-term impact of the situation is dire for poor communities and will result in a much weaker civil society and democracy.”

Raising money for data, on the other hand, will enable NPOs to work remotely and allow them to stay in touch with the communities they serve, says Ms Mohamed.

Data will also enable NPOs to take part in webinars and online learning events during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“While the webinars are ‘free’, accessing them uses up data that many NPOs cannot afford.  We trust that through continuous learning, reflection and engagement in the webinar environment, non-profits will be better-equipped to navigate the lockdown and prepare for the future,” says Ms Mohamed.

“Please protect non-profits and help them survive this pandemic by enabling them to cover the cost of data.”
How to donate

Supporters can donate via crowdfunding platform backabuddy here, or via the Inyathelo website here. All funds received will be placed in a special account and audited. As donations to public benefit organisations are tax deductible, a section 18A certificate will be issued upon request, for any donation over R500.

Build support

Supporters are encouraged to get more involved in helping the campaign go viral  by recording and posting a fun, educational message.

Make a video that is no longer than 30 seconds.

State your support for nonprofits (Click for guidance if needed)

Put on your favourite music and dance like crazy #DanceforData.

If dancing is not your thing, showcase any talent or just record your message of support #Do-it-for-data.

Email your clip to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." style="color: rgb(193, 67, 63); text-decoration: none;">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Spread the word – challenge at least two friends to donate.


Please see link to a video with Inyathelo Executive Director Nazeema Mohamed explaining the role of non-profit organisations, and why this is an important campaign.


Link to the campaign on backabuddy:

Link to the campaign on the Inyathelo website, including video featuring Inyathelo staff members.

Online launch:

Join Inyathelo on Thursday 13 August 14h00-16h00 to learn why this campaign is so important. Theatre-maker, director and drama therapist Warren Nebe and The Healers Playback Theatre Group will stage theatrical performances of NPOs’ experiences using playback theatre and story-telling. 

Click on the button below to donate:

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