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The imperative of good governance in funder-grantee partnerships

13 February 2024
Anne Emmett,INDEPENDENT PHILANTHROPY CONSULTANT AND CHARTERED DIRECTOR SOUTH AFRICA In development funding practice and in the world of non-profit organisations (NPOs), strong partnerships between funders and grantee partners are essential for achieving shared goals and driving positive social impact. A successful partnership is rooted in the acknowledgment of mutual benefits and responsibilities. The funder, driven by a specific mandate, requires the grantee’s assistanc...

Planning ahead for long-term sustainability and resilience

07 February 2024
Audrey ElsterExecutive Director: Raith Foundation The RAITH Foundation is a private philanthropic organisation, focused on the advancement of social justice in South Africa. RAITH was established in 2001 and will close its doors no later than 2036. This planned end date has forced us to look to the future and our legacy post-2036. Funding relevant, effective work now and sustaining the progress made with our funding (estimated to be about R1.5b by 2034) has become even more important and ...

Save the date: World NGO Day / Inyathelo Open Day

06 February 2024
Don't miss our next opportunity to Celebrate, Commemorate, and Collaborate on #WorldNGODay2024.To RSVP click here:

The critical role of philanthropy in driving African resilience and innovation

30 January 2024
Jane ConnollySENIOR MANAGER, DONOR DEVELOPMENT – WESTERN HEALTH FOUNDATION It gives me great pleasure to provide this article as a guest writer for the Inyathelo Annual Report 2022/23. Inyathelo has been a vital peak organisation advocating for philanthropy, providing practical tools and conceptual frameworks to South African organisations since 2002. Like many organisations working in the social justice space, Inyathelo has remained committed to its mission and vision with limited reso...

Towards rebuilding the South Africa we want: Unmuting Civil Society for sustainability, resilience, and social transformation.

22 January 2024
Boichoko Ditlhake, Civil Society Support Manager, Kagiso Trust It is no understatement that South Africa is under siege from many fronts, afflicted by corruption, violent crimes such as cash-in-transits, violation and killing of women and girl children, collapse of state institutions and governance, and service delivery failures, among others. As a result, ordinary citizens are at their wits’ end as to how to effectively express their frustration and hopelessness at being left out – and ha...

Degrees of disarray — South African universities becoming lost in grapples with governance crises

18 January 2024
Jonathan Jansen, Distinguished Professor of Education at Stellenbosch University When university executives act as governors and make decisions that legally reside with council, there will be instability. All of this can be avoided when we appoint competent, ethical, and wise leaders to govern and indeed manage our universities. There can be little question that South African higher education faces its most serious governance crisis since the dawn of democracy in the mid-1990s. The cri...

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