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The importance of mental health in the non-profit sector

08 April 2024
By Kia Cordeiro and NPOwer team SA Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) Mental health remains unintegrated and misunderstood across the healthcare sector. South Africans feel let down by the system, which adds to the apathy and fear of seeking treatment. Finances, unemployment, transport, violence, and stigma mean NPOs like the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) have had to increase their reach to communities and ensure they have the resources to re...

Human Rights Day: Strengthening human rights organisations for long-term impact

26 March 2024
In an era marked by global challenges to democracy, and increasing limits on the fundamental rights of citizens, human rights organisations play a vital role in defending values such as freedom and equality. However, to fulfil their missions effectively, these organisations need to build their own capacity for sustainability.  The vital work carried out by civil society requires not only dedication and passion, but also financial resources and reserves, says Feryal Domingo, acting exe...

Equipping non-profit board members to fulfil their roles

04 March 2024
Malcolm Boyd, Managing Trustee – Ceo, Third Sector Insights Corporate social investment practitioners, not only in South Africa but globally, understand that having professional, knowledgeable, competent, and dedicated governing body members of non-profit organisations (NPOs) is essential today.  The donor, funder and social impact investor community is becoming more stringent on this issue, and has made it a high priority, especially when conducting due diligenc...

The imperative of good governance in funder-grantee partnerships

13 February 2024
Anne Emmett,INDEPENDENT PHILANTHROPY CONSULTANT AND CHARTERED DIRECTOR SOUTH AFRICA In development funding practice and in the world of non-profit organisations (NPOs), strong partnerships between funders and grantee partners are essential for achieving shared goals and driving positive social impact. A successful partnership is rooted in the acknowledgment of mutual benefits and responsibilities. The funder, driven by a specific mandate, requires the grantee’s assistanc...

Planning ahead for long-term sustainability and resilience

07 February 2024
Audrey ElsterExecutive Director: Raith Foundation The RAITH Foundation is a private philanthropic organisation, focused on the advancement of social justice in South Africa. RAITH was established in 2001 and will close its doors no later than 2036. This planned end date has forced us to look to the future and our legacy post-2036. Funding relevant, effective work now and sustaining the progress made with our funding (estimated to be about R1.5b by 2034) has become even more important and ...

Save the date: World NGO Day / Inyathelo Open Day

06 February 2024
Don't miss our next opportunity to Celebrate, Commemorate, and Collaborate on #WorldNGODay2024.To RSVP click here:

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