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ASK: Attracting Support Toolkit for NPOs (2nd Edition 2013)

ASK: Attracting Support Toolkit for NPOs (2nd Edition 2013)

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Non-profit organisations (NPOs) play an essential role in democracy and are involved in a range of activities from providing community services; advocating for changes in government policy and improved delivery; promoting and defending human rights; monitoring government; developing responses to environmental concerns and undertaking critical research to provide creative and alternative solutions to the pressing problems faced by South Africans.


 In 2008, the Western Cape Department of Social Development commissioned Inyathelo: The South African Institute for Advancement to develop the Attracting Support Kit for NPOs (ASK) to assist NPOs in their fundraising work and governance practices. Since then, the support kit has become a mainstay for NPOs visiting Inyathelo’s non-profit clinic, ASK Inyathelo, and a key resource for the non-profit sector.

Given the toolkit’s success, Inyathelo decided to produce a revised and updated second edition of the support kit. While the second edition continues to use the same structure and approach as the first, it provides up-to-date information on legislation such as the 2008 Companies Act and The Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profits in South Africa.

The support kit has been shaped by the needs and challenges of NPOs and is designed as an accessible resource in support of the critical development work that is taking place in our communities. We hope you continue to find our support kit a useful resource.

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