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Inyathelo Office is closed for Self-Care from 26 to 30 July 2021

Kindly note that the Inyathelo Office will be closed from 26-30 July, to allow staff to take a much-needed break, to switch off and re-energize.
This means that we will not be in the office, will not read or check emails, or respond to work messages during this time. We will be back online on Monday, 2nd August, 2021.

Take care and be safe.


On the frontline

Inyathelo has expressed its solidarity with nonprofit organisations that are assisting people with food and other necessities in the aftermath of the devastating looting and civil unrest that devastated parts of KZN and Gauteng.



working from home 3You have reached the office of Inyathelo, the South African Institute of advancement. Our offices are closed due to adherence to the current level 4 . You may contact us on info with a clear message and we will respond promptly. Please keep safe. From the inyathelo Management and staff.


Inyathelo data fundraising campaign delivers results

Inyathelo’s digital fundraising campaign,  launched last year to supply non-profits with data, has benefitted 18 organisations. Hear our Operations Director, Feryal Domingo, describe the fruits of this campaign on CapeTalk radio with host Zain Johnson.


Kresge Foundation grants $225,000 to Inyathelo for non-profit support

Inyathelo has received a grant of nearly R3,047 million ($225,000) from The Kresge Foundation, with which it has a long-established relationship. Read more about this exciting development and how the funding will be invested.


Maintaining donor relationships

Non-profits face numerous funding challenges due to the pandemic, and it is vital to cultivate donor relationships. Inyathelo Operations Director Feryal Domingo discusses this topic with Samora Mangesi of Channel Africa.


Inyathelo remembers Vartan Gregorian

Inyathelo remembers Vartan Gregorian

The Carnegie Corporation of New York has been a major American philanthropic supporter of higher education in Africa for over two decades and has enjoyed a long relationship with institutions of learning in Cape Town, and of course Inyathelo.


NPO Governance focus

soraya joonasThere has been a renewed focus on good governance and the roles and responsibilities of board members at NPOs in the wake of Covid-19. Read an article by Inyathelo Finance Director Soraya Joonas in Accounting Weekly here.


University World News

Inyathelo’s research into philanthropic support of higher education institutions, and the recent launch of a postgraduate diploma in African philanthropy and resource mobilisation, are discussed by Inyathelo Executive Director Nazeema Mohamed in the Africa edition of University World News. Read more here.

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