Inyathelo in the Headlines

Huge funding boost for non-profit Inyathelo - 07 August 2017 -

Non-profit organisation Inyathelo has received about R2 million from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, which they will use to run their capacity-building clinic in their Cape Town office.
Inyathelo has for the last 15 years helped to build a stable civil society by contributing to the development of sustainable organisations and institutions.

Chairperson of the Inyathelo board Zenariah Barends said: “Through its programmes implemented over the years, Inyathelo has developed deep insights into the types of challenges that the NGO sector and civil society face.

"Accordingly, services such as the capacity-building clinic at the Cape Town office, enabled by the Mott Foundation and other generous donors, provide insightful and essential support.

“We are deeply indebted to our engaged and knowledgeable funders who enable Inyathelo and its partners to remain sustainable and effective.”

Given the decline in investments and other developments, the donation was encouraging, said Jessica Rees-Jones, Inyathelo’s executive director.

“It underlines how important it is for the NGO sector to present an ethical, credible, professional and united front. Those with robust procedures in place will be in a better position to secure international donations,” she said.

The average Inyathelo clinic participation rate for the past three years was 63 new client organisations and 112 sessions annually, said programme director Nazli Abrahams.

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