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Data campaign draws media support #keepconnecting

Our #keepconnecting campaign has piqued the interest of online and broadcast journalists, who have helped us to share the message of raising money for data for NPOs.

#ThinkGood 2020: Decoding digital fundraising

#ThinkGood 2020: Decoding digital fundraising

The annual non-profit (NPO) sector event #ThinkGood, that so many in the non-profit (NPO) sector look forward to for free skills-sharing and learning, had a different look and feel this year, due to COVID-19. Nonetheless, non-profit practitioners enjoyed a great opportunity to learn all about the hot topic of digital fundraising.
Some 77 people took part in the online learning session run by Inyathelo. While the subject was new for many, a snapshot survey revealed that 47% had run a digital fundraising campaign in the past, with 6% having raised R10,000-R50,000; Some 2% had raised R100 000 or more!


Data is a human right: Launch of the #keepconnecting campaign

Data is a human right: Launch of the #keepconnecting campaign

“COVID has transformed our world in many profound ways and everyone is experiencing it in their own unique ways. It has exposed to us more sharply the inequalities and fault lines within our society, and one of the most glaring is access to resources. The one resource that has become most precious is about accessibility and the need to stay connected.”

So said Inyathelo Board Chairperson Russell Ally, introducing the zoom launch of Inyathelo’s #keepconnecting campaign to raise funds for data for non-profit organisations. (Thursday 13 August).


Change in US tax law offers hope for local NPOs, universities

Change in US tax law offers hope for local NPOs, universities
As part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, passed by the US Congress in March, people who do not usually itemise deductions for their taxes can claim a deduction for charitable donations in the 2020/2021 financial year. This change offers a glimmer of hope for some South African non-profit organisations (NPOs) and universities who are struggling due to diminished funding.

NPO Collaboration Dialogue: Dealing with financial distress and governance

The harsh realities of the pandemic have not only resulted in a global economic slowdown and seen many businesses struggle but it has become clear that this is not a short term crisis. The outlook for future funding seems bleak due to the worldwide economic downturn and NPOs need to take decisive financial action and ensure their governance is up to date if they are to beat the odds and survive.

Long term sustainability guidelines for NPOs/NGOs

2Feryal 2111333Many non-profit organisations (NPOs) have been so busy dealing with immediate humanitarian needs during Covid-19, that they could - understandably - lose sight of some of the basic rules that will ensure their long-term sustainability.

Inyathelo Operations Director; Feryal Domingo, discusses some crucial elements that need to be in place to sustain an NPO or NGO over the long term.

Click here to listen discussion on The OFM Business Hour


What Awaits Philanthropy Post-Lockdown?

Nazeema Mohamed1Nazeema Mohamed, executive director, Inyathelo participated in a webinar hosted by Lorenzo Davids, CEO, Community Chest on Wednesday 10 June, 2020. The other member of the panel was Eric Atmore, CEO, Early Childhood Development.

Topic: Non-Profits and the Reset Message: What Awaits Philanthropy Post-Lockdown?

Please find the link to the webinar: 

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