Inyathelo's resources on non-profit governance

During this election season it seems that governance is in the news, albeit in the context of government corruption and mismanagement. Sadly, the reputations of non-profit organisations often ride the coattails of the governmental sector in these negative public perceptions.

It’s appropriate then, that we as organisations work to ensure that our own governance practices are above reproach. To this end, Inyathelo has developed a number of booklets and online resources that assist non-profit organisations and institutions with oversight; recruiting and orientation of new trustees; and with financial and risk management, so that they are able to govern a non-profit in full knowledge of their roles, responsibilities and accountabilities (both legal and ethical) as board members and trustees.

The ASK Inyathelo web portal has a wide range of fantastic online resources and tools on governance, including a video on what is governance and why it is so important.

Inyathelo also has several free publications on governance available for immediate download:

In addition, The Board Walk Good Governance series is now in it's second edition, and is available for purchase from the Inyathelo online shop.

Inyathelo would like to encourage all non-profits to subscribe to The Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profit Organisations in South Africa. The process of formulating an independent code was initiated at a Civil Society Consultative Forum meeting in August 2010 following widespread recognition of the need for South African NPOs to adopt their own distinct code rather than be regulated by government or corporate sector codes. Inyathelo formed part of the Working Group set up to draft a code for non-profits.