Universities as Anchor Institutions Webinar Report

We recently held a webinar on Universities as Anchor Institutions on 5 July 2022. This introductory webinar launched a concept paper on anchor universities in South Africa. The research paper, developed by Dr Samuel Fongwa from the Human Science Research Council speaks to the conception of Anchor Institutions in a South African context.

Universities as Anchor Institutions Webinar Report

Dr Samuel Fongwa's presentation was informative and enlightening. The response to the presentation and concept paper by Prof Leslie Bank and the facilitated discussion by veteran higher education stalwart, Prof Nico Cloete created a robust and engaging conversation.

We were fortunate to have Prof Saleem Badat, another higher education stalwart, former Vice-Chancellor of Rhodes University join the conversation and providing interesting perspectives on higher education and development as well as the limitations that may curtail the intention to anchor. Also present and very engaged in the conversation were Anchor Reference Team Members: Co-chair, Prof Nthabiseng Ogude from the University of Pretoria and Diana Hornby of Rhodes University.

There were many insightful reflections from webinar participants which created wonderful material for follow-up in our webinar discussion series on Anchor Institutions.

The full Concept Paper referred to during the presentation is also accessible from our website here

The presentation and the recording of the session is available below: