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Plight of historically disadvantaged universities in South Africa - SA FM

A Panel Discussion is taking place on why private donors continue to ignore the plight of historically disadvantaged universities. The Survey of Philanthropy in Higher Education has revealed that Philanthropists gave over R1.7 billion to 11 local universities in 2017, however the distribution was skewed with 96% of the funding going to traditional research intensive universities and 4% going to historically disadvantaged universities.

Int: Executive Director : Inyathelo : Nazeema Mohamed Int: Dr Diane Parker : Department of Higher Education, Science and Technology : Deputy Director General of Universities Int: Tshwane University of Technology : TUT Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Teaching, Learning and Technology : Research Policy Evaluation Expert : Dr Harris Andoh Mention: University of Fort Hare Mention: UCT Mention: Independent Philanthropy Association of South Africa

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