Afeefah Patel

8-year-old rhino campaigner Afeefah Patel is the recipient of the 2013 Inyathelo Award for Children in Philanthropy.


Afeefah is the youngest recipient of an Inyathelo Philanthropy Award. She is also the youngest person to be awarded the prestigious SANParks Kudu Award for her work to protect rhinos from poachers. In early 2013, Afeefah wrote a letter to The Times newspaper asking President Zuma to “look after the rhinos”. Her letter prompted a response from President Zuma and gave impetus to a national anti-poaching campaign to protect South Africa’s dwindling population of rhinos. 

Afeefah donated part of the funds she received from SANParks to the Unite Against Poaching Fund, an initiative which supports the efforts of SANParks Honorary Rangers in their fight against poachers.

Both Afeefah and her sister, Aminah, have both been recognised as Rhino SA "Little Champions" at their Robertsham Primary School, south of Johannesburg.

Afeefah’s commitment to protecting our rhinos and her courage to speak out has helped raise awareness across South Africa and encouraged the broader public to get involved in the fight against poaching.