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Civil Society in South Africa: Funding Features and Economic Contribution, Summary of a National Research Study

In 2014 The Funding Practice Alliance collaborated with Mthente Research and Consulting Services to conduct a research study on civil society in South Africa to better understand how the civil society sector is funded, and how it advances South African society through contributing to employment and to the economy. The study was completed in 2016. This document provides a summative overview of selective findings from the research study.

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Fact Sheets from the Research Report on the NLDTF and the NDA

Meeting their Mandates? 

In 2010, the Funding Practice Alliance commissioned a research study to inform future activities and campaigns which promote more effective relationships between the National Lotteries Board and the National Development Agency (NDA), on one hand, and the civil society sector on the other hand.

The key assumption was that neither the NDA nor the NLB were meeting their legislated mandates with respect to grantmaking, support to NPOs, and impacting measurably on development. The research concluded that there is a lack of accountability and transparency over the way the distribution agencies operate and they need to be called to account for their failure to fulfil their mandates to distribute funds appropriately to non-profit organisations and charities.

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